My understanding of visual language, first formed as a painter and sculptor, has been forged by
22 years on both the stage and on the set. All of my experiences in the arts have culminated into
one singular passion: Directing. I am attracted to, and create projects that lend themselves to
being visually immersive and that make strong, insightful statements. Stories are how we learn
about life; whether it’s from plays, movies, television, commercials, music videos, books,
magazines, or the bragging we hear at the bar. Story informs us about who we are and how we
see each other.
My launching pad as a director began at St. Louis University; with the combined study of both
the visual arts (painting & sculpture) and the performing arts (theatre & mime). After graduating
with a degree in Theater Arts, I worked as an actor in theater and film, quickly acquiring my
SAG and AFTRA cards. During this time, I began my love affair with lighting and sets; working
as both a lighting designer and technical director in the theatre. From this experience and with
my eye on transitioning to film work, I pursued work on film sets as a grip and as a set lighting
technician; acquiring union cards in two IATSE locals 493 & 728.
Simultaneously, I began directing short plays for the stage and short films for the screen with my
first camera (a 16mm Bolex). My first paid writer/director gig was a play called “Floodgates”;
about two young men (one white, one black) unknowingly admitting their racism to one another,
as an existential punishment for the lives they had lived. While working on this show, I realized
that two of the most essential elements of the visual storytelling medium were writing and acting.
I began an extensive study of both. In pursuit of a deeper knowledge of the craft of acting, I
studied the gamut: “Method” acting with Theatre Group, “Imagination” based acting at
Playhouse West ( a Meisner school), and the more “Conventional” Acting style of Cohen with
Wayne Loui. Just as intensely, I studied the craft of story and writing with Robert McKee,
Christopher Vogler, Michael Hauge, Syd Field, and John Truby.
It is with this arsenal of tools, craft, and experience that I approach every project I direct.

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